Shotguns Starting at $199.95!!!


Welcome to Family Pawn LLC, located in the Roanoke Valley!


Shotguns for just $200!!

Special Sale Shotgun Firearm Salem Roanoke gun pistol rifle mossberg remington

We've got a couple of shotguns priced at rock bottom prices. Spring is here! Grab one and get outside!

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Pre-Loved Items

We sell all kinds of previously owned merchandise. Why pay the new pricetag, when you can get a deal on a like new version for way less?


A pawn is a loan in exchange for personal property as collateral. If the loan is repaid within 30 days the item may be redeemed at its initial loan price plus interest due. If the loan cannot be repaid on time, the item is forfeited.

Cash for Gold

We also buy gold. Broken jewelry, rings, coins, teeth, whatever it may be, we will buy it!

We Buy and Sell


Specializing in firearms, we buy and sell new and used guns. We also offer loans against your firearms.

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We buy and sell jewelry. Gold, silver, and platinum. Scrap and broken jewelry too!


We take tools of all kinds. Come in and see what we have available.                                                                           

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We buy and sell Televisions, Laptops, and Game Systems.

Electronics for Sale


Sometimes even we are surprised with what comes in. This category is for those types of items.

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