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FFL Transfers

We don't have the firearm you're looking for?

We offer FFL Transfers. This is where you find the gun you want to purchase from an online retailer, or auction site. You purchase the firearm and then they ship it to us for you to pick up. 

If the shipper doesn't have our FFL on file, we will need to send them a copy. Typically emailed, but if you are mailing them payment, we can provide a printed/signed copy.

Once your firearm has arrived you can come fill out the background check papers and once approved, take home your gun. 

We charge $25 per firearm transferred.

Contacts for Transfers

Phone: (540) 389-9177


Fax: (540) 389-9178


Please include your name, phone, firearm, as well as the seller's name & email.


Please include customer's name, firearm, and phone number.